The Best Golden Maintenance Tips of Luggage

Are you a person who likes to travel a lot? Then you are probably using tons of different items to carry around your entire luggage in order to provide yourself with the storage space that you need. And that is where all the complexity arises. There are so many different types of best luggage international travel available that it becomes hard to manage all of them. Hence maintaining all of that requires a lot of care and patience. So, here are some tips to maintain your entire luggage in terms of the material used for making them.

Leatherluggage for international

The first thing to know when buying made leather bags is that you should buy the ones that are made of the highest quality leather. Low-quality leather made items tend to wear away very quickly as opposed to the high-quality ones. And your luggage is bound to be exposed to water and moisture which definitely makes it more susceptible to damage. Also, make sure that it is not treated with any nylon-based materials. Doing so might invoke some chemical reactions which destroy its look.

Ballistic Nylon

Buying a bag made of ballistic nylon also requires a lot of measures and precautions as well. The best thing about buying bags made of ballistic nylon is that you can be sure that your bag will be safe from all sorts of dirt, water and all kinds of stains. Thus, it is extremely efficient to clean the luggage bag using water and soap because it is safe to do so. Try to omit using harsh chemicals and similar materials. Instead, just use a plain mixture of soap and water. This prevents any chances of disastrous reactions from occurring.


Polyester bags are widely used in the market because of their hard wearing nature and their flexibility. Not only that, it is highly resistant to damage and scratches. Cleaning this material is also no big deal. As always, you would probably want to avoid using harsh chemical substances. Instead, you can use soap and water for easy and safe cleaning. Also, try to clean both the insides along with the outsides. At the same time, when cleaning, make sure that you clean the whole thing instead of the portion that has been dirtied or muddied.

The Hardware

This refers to all of the accessories that you would find in the luggage bags. This includes the straps, the zippers, the locks and the handles. Their main function is to protect the frame of the bags and is hence needed to be taken care of. And when taking care of these parts, you will have to take care of them wholeheartedly. For instance applying oil on the handles or locks do more harm than good to the bags.

All in all, these are just some of the tips that you can follow for taking care of your cute duffle bags. It is needless to mention that there are tons of other materials used for making luggage bags as well, but since these are the main ones, they have been mentioned here.